Hey, Democrats, before you go pointing fingers at those backward Republicans, you might want to clean your own house first:

More from the L.A. Times:

California Rep. Barbara Lee on Wednesday lost her bid to become the first black woman elected to a House leadership position and the first woman to lead the House Democratic Caucus.

By a vote of 123 to 113, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York won the race to lead the caucus for the next two years. Both are members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Several members cast Jeffries, 48, as a promising young leader who could one day become speaker. Lee, 72, said afterward that ageism and sexism were at play in the result.

Because of course she did:

So the Democrats aren’t as woke as they make themselves out to be.

We love it when Dems cannibalize themselves.

That’s the Democratic Party for you!



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