Lately, we’ve been bombarded with breathless shrieking from media firefighters about how things like voter suppression and gerrymandering have prevented Democratic political candidates from securing their rightful place on various congressional and gubernatorial thrones.

But it wasn’t so long ago when our media betters were condescendingly wagging their fingers at Donald Trump for complaining about “rigged” elections. Probably because it wasn’t actually that long ago.

For those of you who have forgotten the way things used to be, tweeter @RobProvince spent some time today collecting some of the media’s greatest hits.

Sit back and enjoy this stroll down Memory Lane:

Huh. Anyone else notice a difference in tone between 2016 and 2018? It’s almost as if the degree of condescension in the MSM’s coverage depends on who’s making the claims.

That’s basically it in a nutshell, isn’t it?

And of course, if you run across any actual evidence of election fraud that doesn’t directly benefit the Democratic Party, good luck getting the media to cover it.



No big deal, just Eric Holder ‘undermining’ democracy and ‘delegitimizing’ an election because Dems are sore losers