Andrea Mitchell clearly graduated from the Make Crap Up As You Go School of Journalism:

Suuuuuure, Andrea.

Yes. Yes it is. More from Caleb Howe at Mediaite:

“We should also point out that Brenda Snipes in Broward County is a Republican appointed by former governor, then-Governor Jeb Bush,” said Mitchell. “So, she was put in by a Republican governor after the mess that we all remember from 2000. And she’s hardly a Democratic official, or someone doing the bidding of the democratic candidates there.”

It is easily fact-checked. In addition to hundreds of media reports, Snipes self-identifies as a Democrat, and in her elected position, she runs as a Democrat. She won her last Democratic primary in 2016.

Listen for yourself:

Smell that smoke? That’s Andrea Mitchell’s pants on fire.

Bias and stupidity are a dangerous mix.

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