We’ve seen an upswing in talk about paid protesters lately, what with those harpies who confronted Jeff Flake at an elevator being linked to an activist group heavily funded by George Soros:

The Center for Popular Democracy currently shows partnerships with more than 50 other left-wing activist groups, according to its website.

The group, which is heavily financed by Soros, is also an approved organization of the Democracy Alliance, the left’s biggest dark money donor network where deep-pocketed donors vow to steer a minimum of hundreds of thousands of dollars to approved groups of the alliance.

This was not the first time the Center for Popular Democracy has opposed Kavanaugh from Washington, D.C. The group was also caught slipping cash to protesters to pay for their post-and-forfeit payments, which helps resolve minor crimes and avoid any jail time, the Daily Callerreported.

But as powerful as professional protesters are, when it comes to sheer awfulness, they can’t hold a candle to the real experts:


He’s right, though. Case in point:

Yep. Comfortably Smug nailed it again.



That was fast! Bloomberg WH reporter already running with baseless Nikki Haley resignation narrative