You know, maybe we’ve been wrong all along about this whole socialism thing. Maybe it’s not so bad after all. Just look at how it’s working out for DNC Chair Tom Perez:

The Daily Caller’s Benny Johnson reports that Tom Perez was seen carrying the swanky bag at Reagan National on Friday.

The bag appears to be a Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandoulière 55 Damier Cobalt Canvas bag, which retails at $1,840 on the Louis Vuitton website.

A DNC spokesman told The Daily Caller that the bag belongs to a staffer.

“Nice try y’all, but he’s holding a staffer’s bag here at the airport. Tom does not own a Louis Vuitton bag,” DNC spokesman Michael Tyler said.

Even if that’s true, what does it say about Perez that he’s pimping socialism as the future of the Democratic Party while apparently parading through the airport with a symbol of capitalism?

It really is. It’s also socialism in a pretty perfect little nutshell.

Mais oui!

Tom Perez will drink to that!



‘Party SUICIDE’! DNC Chair Tom Perez just put ‘the FINAL nail’ in the Democrats’ coffin


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