Donald Trump tweeted in ALL CAPS at Iranian President Hassan Rouhani yesterday and the hot takes are flowin’. Here’s another one from CNN:

Let’s see those guesses, people:

Come and collect your prize!

Cillizza writes:

The question is whether Trump has any speed except PEDAL TO THE METAL AT ALL TIMES. He’s shown that gun-it style isn’t without its merits in regards North Korea. But can he shift gears if it doesn’t work as well with Iran? Does he understand — or care about — the complexities inherent in this sort of diplomacy? Or has he rendered those complexities irrelevant?

All of it comes back to the question that sits at the heart of Trump’s presidency: Is he the exception or is he the new rule? Has he fundamentally altered the way nations negotiate — in addition to realigning the Republican Party and conducting an all-out assault on fact? Trump clearly believes he has — or he simply doesn’t know any other way to be.

Either way, the stakes couldn’t be higher. And Trump is charging FULL SPEED AHEAD.

It had to be Chris Cillizza. It couldn’t be anyone else.