Chuck Schumer’s got a bee in his bonnet … and potential Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett put it there:

Yes, Chuck. Let’s see where she stands:

… And has taken health care decisions away from millions of Americans.

No, Barrett signed a 2012 letter decrying the Obama administration’s contention that religious employers be compelled to pay for health insurance contracts that cover “abortion-inducing drugs, contraception, and sterilization” in violation of their conscience.

“Reargument”? You mean sometimes “settled law” can be found to be unconstitutional? The horror!

We thought Democrats loved activist judges!

Schumer, like so many of his fellow liberals and Democrats, can’t stomach the idea of a pro-life female Supreme Court justice.

Or maybe he just can’t stomach the idea of a female Supreme Court justice.

Their rules, right?

Parting reminder for Sen. Schumer: