Jim Acosta’s ability to make himself the story may only be surpassed by April Ryan.

At today’s contentious White House press briefing, Ryan confronted Sarah Sanders and just wouldn’t let go:

Are we supposed to be impressed by April Ryan interrupting Sarah Sanders?

That’s because you’re a pansy, Jeffrey. Seriously. If April Ryan yelling at Sarah Sanders makes you weep tears of joy, you’ve got problems.

And speaking of problems, April seems to have a problem doing legitimate journalism:

Gee, we can’t imagine why Sarah Sanders finds her so annoying.

If only it were true:

Let’s go to the videotape (starts at about the 1:10) mark):


It’s fine if you want respect, April. But you have to earn it first. You hack.



Oh, look. April’s changed her story:

Good thing everyone already saw her original tweet and she got her B.S. narrative out there.

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