If Stormy Daniels wants to be taken seriously, this is probably not the best move:

More from The Oregonian:

When Stormy Daniels tours Oregon this week, the adult film actress attached to the President Trump scandal that just won’t go away will have a naked statue of the chief executive in tow.

[The owners of the last remaining “Emperor Has No Balls” statue] in a release said Daniels will stage “a re-enactment of Stormy spanking Donald,” a scene made famous when the adult film actress discussed it with Anderson Cooper on an episode of “60 Minutes” earlier this year.

Daniels will perform at the Bridgeport Village Stars Cabaret at 9 and 11 p.m. Saturday. Tickets cost $20, with another $25 for a table seat or $10 to sit near the stage.


How is Daniels doing herself any favors here? At least credibility-wise?