Broadly, part of Vice Media, calls itself “a website and digital video channel devoted to representing the multiplicity of women’s experiences. Through original reporting and documentary film, we provide a sustained focus on the issues that matter most to women.” Evidently, “representing the multiplicity of women’s experiences” involves feting female terrorists:

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Described as the “Rosa Parks of Palestine” by Amnesty International and Al-Jazeera, 17-year-old Ahed has become an icon of popular resistance and the new face of a young, defiant Palestinian generation. Her high-profile arrest caused an outcry, with over 48,000 people signing petition calling for her release. After being tried for aggravated assault, alongside 11 other charges, Tamimi accepted a plea deal on March 21, and will serve an eight-month prison sentence and pay a 5,000 shekel fine ($1,400).

Despite being only 17, Ahed’s activism dates back many years. In 2012, she was filmed confronting Israeli troops that were trying to arrest her brother. Ahed comes from a family well-known for protesting: her cousin is Janna Jihad, the so-called youngest journalist in Palestine, and her parents Bassem and Nariman are prominent grassroots activists who have regularly organised protests against Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank. The Tamimi family live in the village of Nabi Saleh, known for its regular protests, which Ahed began joining at just seven years old.

Yeah, let’s talk about her family of “grassroots activists,” shall we?

Same place as Ahed Tamimi’s respect for human life:

That’s her!