As Twitchy told you, Alex Jones teased an “Infowars exclusive” on today’s broadcast “featuring Kanye West and Candace Owens.” That understandably got a lot of people’s attention.

But shortly after Jones’ tweet, Owens decided to set the record straight:

It’s good that Owens isn’t going on Infowars today. We repeat: That’s a good thing. But with all due respect, it’s not “silly” to disrespect Alex Jones or Infowars. We’re actually not sure how it’s even possible to disrespect Infowars, as they never had any respect to begin with.

Also worth pointing out:

Oh dear.

Well, anyway, if nothing else, we can all learn a valuable lesson from this:

Seems like pretty good advice.

We wouldn’t put it past him.


For what it’s worth:

Normally we’d tell you to stay tuned, but this is Alex Jones we’re dealing with. Probably best to just go for a walk instead.