Where would we be without the Word Police to keep us decent and woke?

Mandy Stadtmiller begins:

I learned about the Freudian model of the “Madonna-whore dichotomy” around the same time I first heard the term “wifey.” I was in college, and some chiseled frat bro used it to describe his ideal future bride. Suddenly I understood how quickly men place every woman into one of two categories: the virginal “Madonna” (“wifey”), or the filthy “whore” who’s not suitable for marriage.

I knew right then, I was not a wifey. Which left, well, just one other option.

That was 20 years ago. Since then, the definition of what it means to be a wife has changed. Same-sex marriage is legal across the country, giving us more examples of what being a spouse looks like. At the same time, marriage rates have dropped, so more women can see futures for themselves where being a wife isn’t their only option. Yet, the slut-or-wife stereotype remains.

As marriage has become both more accessible and less compulsory, why does this insult still hang around? And why does it infuriate so acutely?

Yeah, Mandy … it only infuriates people who spend their days looking for things to be infuriated about. The rest of us honestly couldn’t care less.

No kidding.

You know, not to sound like a broken record, but: