Last week, Starbucks found themselves in scalding-hot water after the manager of a Philadelphia store called the police on two black men.

More from ABC News:

The arrests of the men were captured on video and tweeted by Melissa DePino, a 50-year-old mother of two who told ABC News she has vowed not to patronize Starbucks again. The video has since been viewed more than 9 million times.

“It was humiliating for those guys,” DePino said. “They were completely minding their own business.”

Both men were later released and the charges they were facing — trespassing and disturbance — were dropped Thursday night.

The manager has since lost his job, and Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson has apologized, accepted responsibility, and offered to meet with the two men. But the mob is still not satisfied. Today, protesters descended upon the store to continue their crusade to … we’re not exactly sure:

And what work would that be? Shouting at an employee who did nothing wrong?

The only point seems to be getting pissed off for being pissed-off’s sake. And being jerks to random employees.

He certainly didn’t. And he doesn’t deserve it.

Nice work, Outrage Mob. As usual.

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