Sometimes, the best moment at a basketball game happens when the players aren’t even on the court. Last night was one of those times:

Well the Portland Trail Blazers decided to let a few fans play a basketball version of [tic-tac-toe] during a break in Thursday night’s game against the Charlotte Hornets. First, the fans had to make a layup, then they could get a game piece, and run to midcourt to place it down.

It was the same old tic-tac-toe, you just had to make a layup in order to get a new game piece. It should have been an easy little bit of in-game entertainment, but unfortunately the fans were two of the worst tic-tac-toe players alive.

The game started out normally enough, with one player going for the middle of the board, and the other taking a corner. From there, however, things started to unravel.

And how:

Call the mortician, because we’re dead. DEAD.

We never want to stop watching.

But it hurts so good.

If by “worse and worse,” you mean “better and better.”

It’s gotta be right up there.

Well, yeah. But we might as well laugh about it!