As Twitchy told you last night, Nikki Haley wasn’t terribly amused by Hillary Clinton’s participation in a celebrity reading of “Fire and Fury” at the Grammy Awards.

But New York Times culture reporter Dave Itzkoff doesn’t think Haley’s entirely reasonable reaction to such a pathetic display was very professional:

Mocking a woman who has damn good reason to be disgusted by what she saw really isn’t a good look, Dave.


Evidently he doesn’t. Or he just doesn’t want to.

Oh, please. Michael Wolff knew exactly what he was doing. Just because he did so implicitly rather than explicitly doesn’t make it any less disgusting.

Would Itzkoff be so sneeringly dismissive of Haley’s concerns if she were a Democrat?

What a piece of work.

#BelieveAllWomen … unless they’ve got the wrong letter after their name.

Imagine being the person who so callously dismisses a woman’s refusal to be part of a baseless smear campaign.

Next time Dave suggests Republicans have a woman problem, remember what he said about Nikki Haley.