The Google Arts and Culture app has been around for a while, but over the weekend, its popularity skyrocketed and it became the number one free app.

More from NPR:

Perhaps users can’t resist the vain pleasure of seeing and showcasing their own visages reflected back in a famous work of art.

It works like this: iPhone or Android users must download the app, then find the “Is your portrait in a museum?” function and take and submit their photo. Google sifts through the thousands of paintings in its database and using its computer vision software makes a match alongside a percentage of how well the two images resemble each other. (There is no explanation given about the supposed science behind this.)

We’re guessing there’s at least one guy who wouldn’t mind hearing an explanation for the science behind the match he got, though:

Annnnnnd we’re dead.

Did we mention we’re dead?

Real or not, it might just be the best thing on the internet today. So we’ll take it.