Last week, the New York Times’ Bret Stephens tweeted about an article in Haaretz stating that according to a Kuwaiti report, the Obama administration warned Iran about an Israeli plan to assassinate Iranian General Qassem Soleimani:

A couple of days ago, Ben Rhodes — whose history with regard to Iran is, shall we say, highly problematic — got wind of Stephens’ tweet and, well, he was pretty pissed:

Former Obama NSC spokesman Tommy “Dude” Vietor was pissed, too:

What followed was a heated back-and-forth between Stephens and Vietor. The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra documented the exchange:

And also suggested that this tweet from Tommy Vietor confirmed the Kuwaiti report:

Bret Stephens thought that’s what Vietor was doing:

Today, the fight continued:

Well, anyway, needless to say, Vietor wasn’t too pleased with the Daily Wire, either. He took a pretty nasty swipe at editor in chief Ben Shapiro:

If Vietor thinks the Daily Wire unfairly characterized his tweet, that’s one thing. Though, let’s face it: When it comes to Iran, the Obama administration’s record is decidedly less than sterling.

Exactly. Characterizing Ben Shapiro as a “Steve Bannon protégé” is a pretty crappy — not to mention desperate and juvenile — tactic. And it’s pretty damn unfair, too.

Snort! But really, Tommy’s out of his mind. As Ben Shapiro so succinctly points out:


There was more:

It’s pretty simple: Tommy brought a knife to an intellectual gunfight. And he lost — BIG TIME.

That’s good advice, Tommy.



For those wondering about Bret Stephens’ since-deleted tweet at Tommy Vietor:

Here’s what happened:

OK, but: