Singer Ginuwine found himself in a bit of hot water recently for an egregious crime against humanity. So, what’d he do that was so awful?

He refused a trans woman’s unsolicited advances. On live TV, no less! The horror!

From BET:

Singer Ginuwine has sparked a heated debate on Twitter after a recent episode of Celebrity Big Brother UK. In the latest episode, Ginuwine seemingly rejected fellow housemate India Willoughby.

The controversy stems from a conversation between Willoughby and the “Pony” singer, in which she asked whether he would date a trans woman. “You would date me, yeah,” Willoughby, who is a trans woman herself, asked. “Not if you were trans,” Ginuwine replied. After Ginuwine replied that he would not date a trans woman, Willoughby attempted to plant a kiss on the singer. When her advance was rejected, Willoughby stormed off.

Some people are indeed accusing him of transphobia:

Clearly, that’s B.S.

It does. Unless the person saying no is a man who doesn’t want to kiss a biological male. We wonder … would all the people attacking Ginuwine for his perfectly valid feelings be up for some thought experiments?

No one should be forced to kiss anyone. Full stop.


If there’s a silver lining in this stupidity, it’s that based on Twitter, at least, Ginuwine has a lot more defenders than detractors: