Listen up, all you right-wingers. New Republic politics and culture writer Sarah Jones needs you to stop talking about Iran:

Jones writes:

Are right-wing hawks undermining the Iranian protests? Twenty people are reportedly dead after nearly a week of anti-regime protests in Iran. According to The Washington Post, the protests are the largest since the country’s ill-fated Green Movement in 2009. The Iranian government blames “enemies of Iran” for stoking unrest, but the reality is less favorable to the regime: The protests have reportedly spread to traditionally conservative regions, and crackdown threats haven’t emptied Iranian streets.

Israel’s hard-right government praised the protesters, and so has the American right. In some cases, they’ve pivoted to feminist sentiment. “The most striking images coming out of the Iran human rights protests are not of men—they are of women,” Fox News columnist Stephen Miller asserted. “So the question must be asked: Where are the women’s movement supporters in the United States and Europe, which gathered en masse to protest a newly inaugurated American president last year?”

How dare she suggest there’s any kind of equivalency whatsoever between the brave protesters of Iran’s repressive and oppressive regime and the pussy-hat-wearing Resistance marching against Trump. And the American right hasn’t “pivoted to feminist sentiment”; conservatives have been relentless in criticizing Islamists’ deplorable treatment of women (and the LGBT community, for that matter) for years. The same can’t be said for the Left.

Since Jones singled Stephen Miller out for special criticism, Miller graciously took some time to engage with her:

You can do it, Sarah!

Can’t cite something that doesn’t exist!

Is that the best she can do? Actually, yes:

That’s gonna leave a mark.


Don’t hold your breath.


Parting advice for Sarah and her holier-than-thou colleagues:

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