Boy, this John Conyers business just keeps getting uglier. And we mean that literally:

More from the Detroit Free Press:

WASHINGTON — A lawyer who formerly worked for U.S. Rep. John Conyers, D-Detroit, and later ran an ethics watchdog group in the nation’s capital confirmed for the Free Press on Thursday that Conyers verbally abused her, criticized her appearance and once showed up to a meeting in his underwear.

Melanie Sloan, a well-known Washington lawyer who for three years in the 1990s worked as Democratic counsel on the House Judiciary Committee, where Conyers remains the ranking Democrat, told the Free Press that Conyers constantly berated her, screaming at her and firing her and then rehiring her several times.

She said he criticized her for not wearing stockings on at least one occasion. On another, she said he ordered her backstage from a committee field hearing on crime she had organized in New York City to babysit one of his children. Sloan made clear that she did not feel she had ever been sexually harassed, but that she felt “mistreated by this guy.”

Well, if being confronted by your boss when he’s in his underwear isn’t sexual harassment, it’s definitely inappropriate. And creepy. And gross.

Why is John Conyers still in office again?

Whether it’s dementia or just good, old-fashioned exhibitionism, it’s pretty clear that Conyers is a good candidate for forced retirement.