Earlier this month, actor Corey Feldman identified actor Jon Grissom as one of the men who allegedly molested him in the 1980s. Today, on Dr. Oz’s talk show, Feldman confirmed the name of another alleged abuser:

More on Alphy’s Soda Pop Club from Vice:

Alphy’s Soda Pop Club, the one and only disco designed for kids “in the industry,” enjoyed a Hollywood lifespan of three years, from 1986 to 1989. With a clientele aged 16 and under, the club guaranteed a dance floor full of the hottest teen stars as well as all the free soda you could drink. It was the ultimate teenage wonderland.

And from a 2012 interview between Vice’s Jennifer Juniper Stratford and Feldman’s best friend, the late Corey Haim:

What was your personal relationship like with Alphy? 
I don’t think he was a good person at all. I think he just got very lucky that he got us to go and do these parties. It became a big fad for a while. It just happened to be called Alphy’s Soda Pop Club. It was like going to Jerry’s Famous Deli. It was the same kind of thing. But as far as Alphy goes, well, I’m not going to say it now, because people do change. I went through my time, too. I lost complete respect for Alphy Hoffman. Alphy sucks! Point-fucking-blank.