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Lefty Dolt's 'Political Art' Post Proves ONCE AGAIN the Left Sees Illegals as Their Long-Lost Slaves


Every time I see some Lefty whining about how mean (racist, xenophobic, etc.) the Right is to illegal immigrants I can't help but think about the horrible things I've seen far too many of them say when defending illegals being here. In my opinion with friends like Democrats, illegals don't need enemies. 

Republicans want people to enter the country legally. That's it. This isn't a big deal in other countries and people aren't treated like xenophobic MONSTERS because they want anyone entering their country to do so legally. There are reasons countries have borders, there are reasons we have laws dictating citizenship ... 

Not to mention it's the Left that seems to think illegals should only be here to clean their toilets and pick crops.

It's almost as if they miss their long-lost slaves.

For example, this David Cay Johnston person thinks his meme is 'political art'.


So he's saying the only jobs illegals can get are the jobs Americans don't want. I suppose I should just be glad he didn't say something about cleaning toilets and/or picking crops. Shocked there's not some meme out there about mowing lawns and landscaping.

But you know, they're not racist or xenophobic because when they say horrible, stupid stuff like this it's for the greater good.

Or something.

Always accusing us of what they're guilty of.

Yeah, about roofing ... it's a damn hard job and lots of LEGAL Americans do it to provide for their families.

Demeaning people has become the Left's bread and butter.

He doesn't exactly look like he's spent much time working outside of roughing it.

Freakin' racist.


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