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Star Wars Actress Openly Taking Joy in Ruining the Franchise for Millions of Americans is PEAK Wokeness

Fuzzy Chimp (adapted from Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay)

So many things that used to be awesome suck now. It's just an unfortunate reality of living in America in 2024 ... ok, so it's been this way for a while but there are no signs of things getting better any time soon. Remember when we could all like Star Wars because it was an awesome movie? Before Lucas ruined the franchise with the prequels or whatever. It was just FUN to watch Start Wars and root for the good buys against the very obvious bad guys. There were no underlying messages, no politics, no wokeness, no nonsense. Just good storytelling that we all could enjoy.

Not anymore.

I will never understand taking a property like Star Wars and deliberately making it into something a specific race of people won't like. Can you guys imagine if a white actor said the whole point of a new series in Star Wars was to make black people cry?

And yes, this is from six years ago but let's not pretend things have gotten any BETTER.

Yeah, this isn't funny to me.

Oh hey, it's hilarious that we've taken something millions of people love and have turned into another way to divide us. Yay.

I don't get it, you guys. Maybe that's naive but I don't.

True. Many of us are so desensitized we don't even expect movies to made for us anymore. Sadly, we're shocked when a movie is simply entertaining without seeking to make some dumbass point about some dumbass movement. For example, last summer when Super Mario Brothers came out I wanted to see it.

No, I'm not 12. I just have a soft spot for Mario.

ANYWAY, my teenage kids actually wanted to see it as well so we went as a family and the whole way there I prepared myself to be letdown because surely they would find a way to make this woke and ruin it as well.

They did not.

I enjoyed the whole movie. SHOCKER. Ok, it was a bit shocking that nothing pissed me off or made me feel bad about who I am. It made seeing a movie fun again - and isn't that the point, Hollywood? 

Star Wars sadly still hasn't figured it out. And I have very little faith that they ever will.


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