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Whatever Richard Dreyfuss Said at 'Jaws' Screening MUSTA Been Good Because Lefties are Losing Their MINDS


This morning when I was just starting to look through feeds and lists for what I might write about today I came across a post from someone talking about Richard Dreyfuss appearing at some screening of Jaws and apparently he said some things that made the Left ... unhappy. I know, they're always unhappy BUT his comments seemed to make them even unhappier than usual So unhappy in fact it looks like the venue sent out an email apologizing for Dreyfuss' comments.

Dammit, you know they were good if they are freaking out this much, right? To have been a fly on the wall while he started mocking the trans movement. Oh, there's that and so much more apprently.

Here's the email they sent out:

Yeah, I need to know what he actually said as well, but probably for a very different reason.

There are some people in his comments talking about how Dreyfuss went off on Barbra Streisand and ranted about the trans movement: 

Mocking the trans movement? Say it ain't so!

Dreyfuss has also been known to rail against Oscars giving award out based on sex and color. The guy hasn't exactly been shy about calling the new woke Hollywood out for being garbage.

So he talked about reality in a fairly assertive way.

The nerve.

Truth hurts when you can't accept it and as we know, people in the trans movement have a very hard time accepting the truth. Especially when that truth is the fact that men cannot be women.

Seems like common sense to me but hey, what do I know?

A legend and therefore uncancellable.



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