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Guys, we have some pretty BAD-A*S candidates (except maybe Pence), let's start ACTING like it, dammit


I feel like I always need to preface any article I write that is positive about any Republican candidate that I am totally TEAM REPUBLICAN, and whoever takes the nod after the primary has my support. Any of them. I know I know, Christie and Pence ... and ugh, Asa is a disaster HOWEVER, any of them are better than the Olive Loaf we have in the White House right now. Sorry, moldy OLD Olive Loaf we have in the White House.


Eff yeah.

And I want our country not to suck anymore.

I get it, it's a lot to ask ... even though it really shouldn't be. Honestly, I wish instead of all of the infighting and bickering we could all as a movement sit back and smile because minus a few of them (the ones I mentioned up there), we have some pretty exceptional talent on our side. Smart, fierce, liberty-minded candidates who love this country and want to lead it back from the abyss Biden has dumped us into. Trump is the LION. DeSantis is the BULLDOG. They're fighters and that's exactly what we need in 2024.


Like this from DeSantis, when a heckler tried to accuse him of being responsible for the Jacksonville shooting murders a couple of weeks ago.

Watch this:

Get that heckler some aloe and a buttload of bandaids ... RIGHT? That is AWESOME.

Like Trump working over a room of whiny reporters who want nothing more than to try and make him look like the villain and ultimately only make themselves look like morons. 

Or Nikki Haley raising her hand at the UN and refusing to be bullied on America's behalf.

Even Vivek Ramaswamy has his moments, although we all know I'm still not 100% sold on the gameshow host thing. 

Right now, at this moment, we COULD be in the best of all places to beat whatever Democrat they throw at us in 2024 because our bench is EPIC. Unfortunately, we're all too busy fighting with one another to realize in the end, that we're all on the same team, and that our goal is to beat Biden.

Really, and not to sound all melodramatic and PATRIOTIC, but our goal is to save the country.

Look, I'm not trying to nag anyone, just trying to remind everyone on the Right (most of whom I really like and respect) that we're all in this together ... as James Madison himself once said, 'The people are the only legitimate fountain of power.'

We should be that fountain of power.


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