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Laura Loomer and her terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad tweets gots TO GO

Let me just start by saying that I get where Laura Loomer is coming from … I do. She is passionate and clearly cares very much about doing what she can to get Donald Trump elected and ultimately I can appreciate that. Politics is very passionate, especially when you care THAT MUCH you don’t always think about who you might be hurting, or what damage you might actually be doing to the very person you’re supporting.

The person you’re fighting for.

Trust me, I know I’m the last person who should tell others to ‘be kind’ or whatnot (c’mon, we all know I’m not rainbows, butterflies, and sunshine) but Loomer is starting to cross some lines that may ultimately do more damage than good. Especially when it comes to tweets about Casey DeSantis having cancer.


That’s not cool.

That is, in fact, a whole lot of horse crap. And as conservatives, libertarians, independents, Righties or whatever, we shouldn’t be ok with her tweeting some of the things she has. Note, my saying this has ZERO to do with free speech as I am not the government nor am I trying to stop her from tweeting … I’m just saying, nobody should be ok with any of this.

For example, WTF with this?

Stop. Tweeting. About. Her. Cancer.

Just. Stop.

I am, of course, not the only person who feels this way about her tweets. In fact, it seems like most of Twitter would like her to just stifle, at least about Casey DeSantis’ cancer.

Even her supporters want her to knock it off:


Seriously, is that too much to ask?

You can still fight for who you support and who you believe in while being decent to someone who has survived cancer. Trust me.


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