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Fix was IN! Politico DRAGGED for blatant bias with side-by-side screenshots of their Hunter Biden coverage pre and post-election

Gosh, looking at this tweet from Rita Panahi highlighting the difference in Politico’s Hunter Biden coverage it’s almost as if they were trying not to cover the story before the election. Wonder why’d they’d do that?


*eye roll*

This is just embarrassingly blatant.

It went from ‘national security’ to legal. Oh, and we especially like how they went from covering the story as if it were ‘Russian disinformation’ to something federal prosecutors are actually taking seriously.

We’d say they should be ashamed of themselves but they’d have to know what shame is first.

Scary, ain’t it?

It’s just become a teensy weensy bit more obvious because they no longer care if we see how biased and agenda-driven they really are.





We could go on.


Trump wasn’t just running against Biden. He was running against an entire machine.

Or they know their readers were more than happy to write off the Hunter story because they just wanted to beat Trump.

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