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HUGE if true! Witness testimony from Michigan hearing about military ballots just absolutely damning (watch)

Some of this testimony we’ve been seeing in these hearings … wow.

For example, this witness talking about what she saw with military ballots? Huge (and insane) if in the least bit true:


She claims there was not a single Trump vote in a huge batch from the military.


She also claims several of the voters were not registered.

K again.

Nothing to see here, folks.

Hard to know what is and isn’t real. We so get that, but still … wow.

This. ^

If everything is on the up and up what does it hurt, right?


Put everyone’s worries to rest?

Hell, we wasted four years listening to Democrats claim Russians fixed the 2016 election, we can probably spend a few more weeks making sure the 2020 election with all of its anomalies and irregularities is legit.

Democrats are so convinced Biden won why should they care?



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‘Don’t buy the HYPE!’ Lifelong environmental activist’s thread all but NUKES the Left’s fear-mongering around climate change


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