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Fail, fail, and MORE fail! Mayor Jenny Durkan’s tweets shaming Trump and praising CHOP have NOT aged well, like at all

It only took two shootings (with one dead) and an alleged rape for Mayor Jenny Durkan to figure out CHAZ/CHOP is not just some block party or some hippie-infested summer of love.



From komonews:

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said Monday that police will return to the abandoned East Precinct building following two separate weekend shootings in which one person was killed and another critically injured.

The mayor made her comments during an afternoon press conference where she talked at length about the city crafting solutions to address systemic racism.

“No violence is acceptable,” she said. “And we have worked tirelessly to address gun violence.”

The effort to return to the precinct building received a renewed push after three people were shot within a 48-hour time frame in the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest Zone, also known as CHOP.

Yes, blame gun violence. *eye roll*

What an absolute failure this woman is and seriously, it’s got to HURT for her to look at her tweets shaming Trump for trying to help from day 1. When your TDS costs lives and public property it might be time for some serious self-reflection.

Just sayin’.

Awww yes, let’s take a look at her greatest hits:




Imagine if she had listened to the president.

Even just a little bit.

But you know, she was more concerned about looking like cool Mayor Jenny than she was actually doing her job. Even her police chief was telling the world CHOP was dangerous …



Guess the truth hurts.

Yup, except Jenny.



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