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'Arguably the most racist ad I've ever seen': Chinese ad for laundry detergent jaw-DROPPINGLY racist (watch)

At Twitchy we read, listen to, and watch some messed-up stuff. It’s just part of the gig … but this ad out of China is a DOOZY.

Take a look:


Damn, that was RACIST.

So she sticks some sort of laundry detergent pod in the young black man’s mouth, shoves him into the washer, and after what sounds like a pretty painful rinse cycle, out pops a fairly clean and sparkling Chinese guy.




RIGHT?! How many ChiComs have we seen accuse America of being racist because we know the virus came from China? Not to mention our own Leftist media and some ridiculous Democrats … maybe we should send them this video and ask what they think about racist China.


And it just gets worse.



Yes, and then dumped him in the washing machine.

You know that face you make when the elderly gent down the street decides to take up ‘nude yoga’ during the lockdown because what the heck else is he going to do? Yup, just made that face.

Impressively awful.

‘Nuff said.


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