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'Umm ... more TAXES': Bernie Sanders gets WAY more than he asks for with question about giving away even MORE free stuff

Bernie Sanders is sorta like the love child of Santa and a used car salesman.

He really thinks promising more and more ‘free stuff’ is the way to get elected … although he may be onto something when it comes to Democrats. The ‘gimme gimme gimme’ crowd on the Left really seems to be eating this nonsense up.

Like free child care provided by the government.

Yeah, no.

SO much no.

No no no.

Bernie either doesn’t understand that nothing is free OR he assumes his supporters are too stupid to know any better.

Maybe both.


No thank you.


Thinking this may be a pass, Bernie.

Just like your whole campaign.



Story about Castro targeting doctor for providing free care to the needy paints Bernie Sanders as the worst kind of apologist trash


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