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No WAY! NBC News claims some Democrats are worried Trump might drag Bernie for basically being a communist and DUH

NBC News is really on their game today, folks.

Oh you betcha!

The investigative geniuses there wrote a story about how some Democrats are worried that Trump will hammer Bernie on his ties with Cuba, Nicaragua, and the USSR.

Ya’ don’t say!

Gosh, we’re shocked.


From NBC News:

Sanders did not fit that mold. When he returned from his trip, he gave an expansive interview on public access TV in which he praised the Sandinistas, called Ortega an “impressive guy” and said that one reason the Sandinistas were not well thought of in the United States was that the Reagan White House had “trained and well-paid people who are professional manipulators of the media.”

“Most of the poor and the working people I talked to felt that the situation now was much better than before,” he said. “Rich people, needless to say, who used to have a good life, are not terribly happy.”

Oh, we get what they’re trying to do. The DNC is pissing themselves over the fact that Bernie may well win the nomination so the media is front and center doing their best to spin spin spin but c’mon. Trump might destroy Bernie in a debate?


If only the media had done a better job of reporting it?

Just sayin’.

NBC News has ZERO self-awareness, but you knew that.


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