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Who he REALLY is: Pete Buttigieg lashes out at pro-life, Democrat woman telling her she has NO place in today's Democrat Party

Imagine running for your party’s presidential nomination and flat-out telling a member of your base they have ‘no place in your party today’. Because you know, that will totally get people to line up and vote for you.


Pete Buttigieg really stepped in it … again.

Stay classy, Pete.

We get it, Democrats are really pushing the whole abortion on-demand thing since it’s all they seem to have left after wasting so much time trying to remove Trump but to tell a woman who happens to be prolife that she has no place in today’s Democrat Party?


And this is the gal he said it to:

Brave lady right here.

Wait a minute … hold up. We were told Democrats were the more tolerant party.





Seeing this more and more.




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