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'This ain't OVER': Rep. Doug Collins calls down the THUNDER on Adam Schiff (HOO-boy, time to put up or SHUT UP)




We’re willing to bet Adam Scared Schiffless wasn’t a huge fan of Doug Collins calling down the thunder on his pointy little head after the House moved forward with their impeachment inquiry. He seems ticked OFF, and honestly who could blame him. It’s been months (years) of a ridiculous witch hunt and like most Americans, Doug has had enough.



Odds on how much further Schiff’s beady little eyes bugged out of his head when he heard this?

“Come to the Judiciary Committee and take every question asked of you [Schiff]. Be the first witness and take every question asked of you, starting with your own involvement with the whistleblower. Folks, this ain’t over. Get ready. The cloud that is dropping will be dropping on their heads because process matters and substance will always win out in the end and this president has nothing to worry about on substance,” Collins said.

Dude, this is going to get so GOOD.

‘Take EVERY question asked of you.’

And when he does, let’s hear all about Schiff-head’s relationship with the whistleblower UNDER OATH. Oh, and someone please remind Doug how Schiffty was trying to get nude photos of Trump as well, would be great to learn more about why he was trying to do that.


Right? And surely he would want to be transparent in his efforts to remove a legally elected president.

HA HA HA HA HA … oh, ouch, our sides.

In fact, it sounds like it’s just getting started.

And they can start by asking Schiff about THIS tweet.

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