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Oh NO you don’t! Sen. Dianne Feinstein tries pinning CA's astronomical taxes on GOP tax cuts and gets fact-WRECKED

Been a while since we wrote about our favorite Democrat who had a Chinese spy as her driver for two decades, Senator Dianne Feinstein. Like most Democrats, she was doing her best to convince Americans the GOP tax cuts hurt the middle class and the poor because they only benefitted the rich.


Even though this talking point has been debunked about a gazillion times.

But that didn’t stop her from trying to pretend it was Trump’s fault Californians’ taxes went up.

Oh, Dianne. And we thought the Kavanaugh stuff was embarrassing.



Other states are no longer subsidizing California’s ridiculously high taxes. If Dianne is really concerned about her constituents paying higher taxes she should work to clean up her own house first.


In other words, TAKE A SEAT!

She’s a Democrat. Duh.


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