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RUH-ROH: Rachel Mitchell's independent analysis spells even BIGGER trouble for Senate Dems and Ford's attorneys

Earlier Twitchy reported on Rachel Mitchell and the memo she released late Sunday that took Ford’s testimony apart; Mitchell even stated she did not believe any reasonable attorney would bring Ford’s case forward.


Of course, looking at Ford’s attorneys, none of them are all that reasonable so here we are.

In addition to Mitchell’s memo, we are seeing her independent analysis (which ultimately likely inspired the memo):

Just. Freakin’. Wow.

Is Mitchell claiming Senate Dems and her attorneys influenced Ford’s testimony?


Sort of a ‘fill-in-the-blank’ kinda thing?


Wonder if she will return the money like Juanita Broaddrick did.

Guessing no.

Either they know or they’ll find out.

Ultimately the Democrat’s push for an FBI investigation may well bite them in the a*s … wouldn’t that be GLORIOUS?


‘I believe Rachel’. In rush to discredit Rachel Mitchell, Buzzfeed Legal Editor trips over #MeToo and ROFL

Well DUH: Jeff Flake admits he’s a giant coward in 60 Minutes interview, pisses both the Left and Right off

WHOA: Rachel Mitchell releases memo all but destroying Ford’s testimony and the Left just CAN’T DEAL

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