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"Says a lot, DOESN'T IT?" Sharyl Attkisson shares leaked internal email that's SO VERY damning for John Brennan

You know when an email says, ‘Internal use only, please do not forward,’ that what’s inside is going to be (good!) very damning for SOMEONE, somewhere. And in this case with the email leaked in Sharyl Attkisson’s tweet, that someone is John Brennan (with a dash of Obama).


“A specific ‘tasker’ from the White House to go after anyone printing materials that were negative to the Obama agenda.”

But Chris Cillizza promised us there was no bias in the media.

Even the FBI is shocked … huh. And who the heck are these ‘Wonder Boys’? So many questions.

Seems that way, more and more.

But Trump and stuff.

At least.



This editor still doesn’t understand why people like Brennan don’t lose that clearance the moment they are no longer in the official position. It’s not like people who lose, quit, or switch jobs get to keep accessing their old jobs after they’re gone.

Revoke it. No brainer.

Something stinks.

All of this being said, we wouldn’t hold our breath on Brennan answering for anything if we were you. These people are like Teflon …

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