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Dude, REALLY?! Jon Favreau comes UNGLUED after Trump pulls out of #IranDeal, babbles about Israeli spies

Admit it, if you follow politics at all, the moment news broke that Trump would be pulling out of the #IranDeal you rushed over to Jon Favreau’s timeline to watch him lose his sh*t, right?


Or is that just us?

Hrm, maybe we need a new hobby.

Well anyway, he didn’t disappoint.

We did vote them out.

And we’re done with this crap deal that didn’t stop Iran from building nuclear weapons in the first place.

Honestly, we’re shocked he’s not blaming Netanyahu for this.


Israeli spies.


From The New York Times:

The Israeli agents, said The Observer, specifically targeted Ben Rhodes, who had been one of Barack Obama’s national security advisers, and Colin Kahl, a deputy assistant to Obama and national security adviser to Joe Biden. The idea, apparently, was to smear them as corrupt in order to discredit the Iran deal as a whole.


And seriously, like anyone from this administration has ANY business complaining about someone ‘spying.’


Like a Taco Bell commercial, minus the delicious tacos.

What a strange (and somewhat stupid) time to be alive.


BREAKING: President Trump to withdraw from Iran nuclear deal (Jon Favreau, Ben Rhodes hardest hit)

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