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'It SUCKED.' Author of WHACKED CNN piece on MLK doubles down, claims Venezuela is not socialist

Earlier today, Twitchy reported on a Martin Luther King piece pushed by CNN that claimed MLK was an environmentalist AND a socialist before it was cool to be socialist.


Okay CNN, was this an apple or a banana?

And seriously, if Venezuela isn’t socialist what is it?

We’re going to have to agree with Allie.

Socialism sucks.


CNN writers, smh.


Next, like other socialists, he’ll tell us socialism has never been implemented correctly and that’s why it sucks so badly.

Amazing, right?



Hey, we love that magazine.


It was pretty bad.

Maybe calling MLK a socialist wasn’t such a smart move.



Go home, CNN, you’re DRUNK: CNN’s take on Martin Luther King is their dumbest take YET

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