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Hackery! Chuck Schumer claims Americans deserve #ABetterDeal, gets SAVAGED by his own party

Seems Chuck has figured out screeching about Russia 24/7 isn’t doing the Democratic Party any favors …

Although looking at this so-called ‘Better Deal,’ we’re not sure this will work any better for them.


From The New York Times:

First, we’re going to increase people’s pay. Second, we’re going to reduce their everyday expenses. And third, we’re going to provide workers with the tools they need for the 21st-century economy.

Notice one key theme in all of Chuck’s babbling —> THE GOVERNMENT is going to do this for people. Until they figure out the government is just in the way they’ll continue to strangle people economically and trap them in poverty.

Which is likely their ultimate goal anyway.

Anti-free market at least.

Even Democrats think this is garbage … not lookin’ good, Chucky.


This went well.

Then again, reality has never been his strong point:


Chuck thinks that people are just too stupid to understand that Democrats know best, so he’s trying to talk down to them. And he wonders why they keep losing elections.

Yup. And sorry but doesn’t Chuck realize a Democrat had been in power for nearly a decade? Why would he think people would sign on for more of the same when it failed us to begin with?

Perhaps someone should point out the number of politically-elected seats Democrats lost under Obama.


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