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DERP! Kamala Harris thinks it's outrageous that criminals might be deported for being CRIMINALS

The amount of derp in this tweet is painful.


Being here illegally is a crime in and of itself, Kamala, and in reality should be enough for them to be deported. That’s the law. If they commit a crime on TOP of the first one they should not pass go, they should not collect $200.

They should go home.

Oh yeah, and it’s not just “anyone” who commits a crime, it’s illegal immigrants who quite frankly have already broken the law. But Kamala knew that, she’s just trolling.

But laws are so mean and stuff.

That’s how the laws were originally written, but now we’re supposed to be compassionate or some other horse manure and let the criminals do as they please in our country.

And we’re the mean ones. *smh*


Heh, good question.

Just big meanies?

Yes, she is insane.

BUT IMMIGRANTS. The Left keeps skirting this issue, pretending that the Trump administration is rounding people up based on race, not on their legal (or illegal) status.

Anything to protect that illegal vote.

This is not difficult or outrageous, if they’re criminals they gotta go.

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