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WE'RE NOT NASTY! Why does Sally Kohn hate women so much?

So tired of the notion that women have to be nasty to make a dent in this world, that women have to be hateful or mean to get things done.

Women who do not live life as a caricature are fully capable of getting “sh*t” done without having to be unkind, mean, disingenuous OR nasty.


And the fact that Sally Kohn and other Democrats don’t get this is just more evidence of how little they really think of women in general.

Take for example this tweet from Sally herself:

Oh look a mom with her daughter instilling in her the same awful idea, that women have to be nasty to get something done.

Stupid. Moms are fully capable of teaching their daughters how to get things done without being horrible. Of course that probably just confuses the Left but the stereotypical “ME WOMAN ME ROAR” is ridiculous in the real world and most moms know this.

Awww, but then the Left doesn’t really live in the real world now do they?

Besides set women back years with this nonsense about being nasty?

She did leave four Americans to die in Benghazi and illegally keep a server in her home before deleting tens of thousands of emails, but we digress.

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