Welp, it happened. Trump has been indicted by a politically-driven, Soros-backed, criminal-first hot mess of a DA, Alvin Bragg. To be honest, when I heard the grand jury was going on vacation for a month, I thought maybe Bragg had come to his senses and figured out that not only was this case ridiculous, BUT it was detrimental and damaging to our country and the basic fundamentals of our judicial system as well. Using his office to target a political opponent … this absolutely should NOT happen in America. Yet, here we are.

Every time I think to myself that they can’t stoop any lower to “get” Trump, they prove me wrong. Probably because he keeps beating them every time they come after him. This is about revenge, not justice. And guys, not to be super melodramatic (even though we all know I am by nature very melodramatic), and I know you’ve heard this already, BUT I’m going to say it anyway, if they can do this to Trump, they can do this to any of us – especially to those of us who refuse to sit down and shut up.

Who continue to fight.

That is who I am. I am a happy warrior, always. And I know, dear reader, that you are as well. All of you, or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. Sure, I’ll keep it light and funny because that’s what we do here at Twitchy, and life and the news are serious/scary enough already, but at the heart of all of this is our willingness to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and refuse to let them bully us into silence or scare us into submission. I don’t know about you guys, but I suck at the whole doing what government tells me I’m supposed to do.

Yes, I am writing today to ask you once again to consider signing up to be a Twitchy VIP member – I know you’re likely getting tired of these asks, BUT as mouthy as I am, as determined as I am, I can’t do this alone. Twitchy can’t do this alone. It is just the reality of America right now. We can write a MILLION BAZILLION TRILLION free stories every day that rely on ad revenue, but without our VIP members, eventually, with censorship, it simply may not be enough.

This is the hard, honest truth, my friends.

We need you to be in this fight with us. All it takes for us to keep punching back, all it takes for us to tell the TRUTH about this political witchhunt and persecution in a way that Big Tech CAN’T shut down, is $.13 cents a day.

That’s it. Think of it as giving the Biden administration, the media, Big Tech, Hollywood, China, trans-activists, Alvin Bragg, and ESPECIALLY Rob Reiner the middle finger. When you look at it like that, it’s a bargain. Oh, and just because you’ve made it this far before clicking away, I’m going to give you a very special code that will save you 50% off of your membership. Use WITCHHUNT. I tried to get them to use MIDDLEFINGER, but they weren’t sure about that one … yet.

To our current VIP Members, thank you. I know I say that a lot but every day I get to sit down and do this job, I remind myself that you are sitting here with me.