Just look at who the Left is attacking right now … THAT’S who they’re most afraid of.

Don’t get me wrong, they’ve done nothing but attack Trump for the last six (plus) years, but I think it’s safe to say that they’re as scared as or even more scared of DeSantis and Youngkin. Both governors have proven they DGAF about hurting feelings when it comes to getting their jobs done. DeSantis is more in your face and Youngkin is more smooth CEO, BUT both of them are obviously making our pals on the Left very nervous about 2024. And honestly, even without DeSantis and Youngkin, they should be scared.

What are they gonna do? Run Biden again?

He’s a train wreck. Sorry, calling Biden a train wreck is an insult to train wrecks.

So what, Kamala?

She makes Biden look like less of a train wreck … this is a sad day for train wrecks.


They’re in trouble ALREADY, but add Youngkin and DeSantis to that? HOO BOY.

Even as DeSantis has made headlines all week sending Martha’s Vineyard a present (BRILLIANT), Youngkin is also making headlines by following through on one of his bigger campaign promises. Involving parents in their kid’s education and treating parents as the experts. And of course, the Left is losing their minds over it.

Even George Takei accused Younking of trampling trans rights … and all because he (like the majority of Virginians who voted for him) believes schools should keep no secrets from parents. Period.

Did I mention Youngkin’s approval rating is 55% and growing?

He’s KILLING it.

Republicans, Independents, Moderates, and even some Democrats are happy with the job he’s doing, so of course, the far-left is working overtime to frame him as some sort of bigot against the LGBTQ community. Unfortunately for them (and fortunately for the majority of Virginians), most people already know how they try and manipulate language, use the media, and smear those they fear most.

Like Youngkin.

And DeSantis.

2024 is gonna be FUN, as long as we don’t blow it this year with midterms.

But that’s another VIP story …


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