Remember way back before any of this January 6 nonsense was front and center and the Left, Democrats, and media (same difference) hated Liz Cheney? When they associated her with her evil overlord war criminal Vader-like dad and claimed she was the spawn of Satan because she agreed with and voted along with Trump 93% of the time?

You member.

They treated her as badly if not worse than they treat their latest target, Marjorie Taylor Greene. They HATED her and everything she stood for.

Welp, those same people are turning Liz into some sort of American SUPER Patriot doing her best to SAVE US ALL from some guy who isn’t even president anymore. They have concocted this bizarre villain based on their own whacked-out stereotypes, lazy caricatures, and paranoid delusions about people they disagree with, and they believe in their heart of hearts that she is DEFENDING them. She’s fighting the big scary traitors who dare to *** checks notes *** question the government.

The nerve.

What I think is really hilarious is this piece from Bill Press acting like he cured cancer because he sent a check to Liz Cheney.

No really.

From The Hill by Bill Press:

What’s astounding is that, in the middle of this madness, only one Republican running for reelection – only one – has the courage to speak out against Donald Trump and to speak up for those values we grew up with and still believe in — the values that make America great. We are all in her debt.

That’s why I sent a check to Liz Cheney: not so much because I believe in Liz Cheney, but because I still believe in America.

And I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Ok, more than a little.

What a trite, mindless, self-promoting hunk of garbage. ‘OH WOE IS ME, I DON’T LIKE HER BUT SHE’S SAVING AMERICA SO REEEEE …’

My patience for this sort of stupid is wearing so thin, mainly because we’re not only seeing it on the Left but on the Never Trump side of the Right as well. Treating Liz as some great warrior who is standing up to the evil, backward, podunk losers in Wyoming who aren’t smart enough to understand she’s doing their secular god’s work and taking down Trump! Forget that she hasn’t really represented the people in Wyoming for a long time, no no, it’s more important to these ‘patriots’ that she’s in place so she can punish the guy they hate so much.

And they think this makes them the good guys?

See why I threw up in my mouth a little?

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