CNN must have been feeling left out of all the dumbest takes on Twitter for some reason today because they put out an op-ed so stupid we’re not seeing anyone agree with it. The writer thinks it’s ‘self-indulgent’ to use air conditioning when it’s hot.

No. Really.

Fine then, this editor is super self-indulgent because BRING ON THE AC, BABY.

From CNN:

It is self-indulgent to insist on chilly temperatures in the middle of summer and rooms at t-shirt warmth in winter. The donning of sweaters indoors when it’s cold outside, not because the AC is cranked up so high, is surely a habit one can adapt to.

Right now, conservation is the order of the day: to save our planet and deny Russian President Vladimir Putin his energy stranglehold of Europe.

Repeat after us: GET BENT.


This does not sound like a healthy or even safe way to live.



Right? Who knew? Summers get hot.

Now you’re talkin’.


That would work for many, many of their pieces.

Not only no but HELL NO.

Kerry and his private jet.

Al Gore and his private jet.


So as you can see, this did NOT go well for this CNN op-ed writer.