We honestly can’t quite figure out why anyone would argue against the idea of making sure all schools are protected and secured like any other federal or state building. Ok, so that’s not entirely true, we know why most people are doing just that on the Left because they want to use a crisis to push an agenda and ban firearms. But in reality, it only makes sense to treat these buildings housing some of our most precious ‘cargo’ as we’d treat the buildings housing a bunch of politicians.


Pradheep J. Shanker was good enough to break out the final report from the Sandy Hook Commission … you know, the group who got together to try and figure out ways to make sure a shooting of that magnitude never happened again? Gosh, golly and gee, they made many a case for securing the schools.

Take a gander:

Seems like it?

Oh no, they are.

But single entry might … ummm … be dangerous or something and make schools feel like a jail and stuff.

Seriously, that’s the argument we’re seeing from people claiming they want to stop school shootings.

Of course, they only want their one single plan used because it’s about an agenda, not saving lives.

Crazy talk.

Securing schools.

ID? Entry authorization?

Why isn’t this already a thing in all schools?

Democrats, the same people who exploit and use Sandy Hook to make their case to take guns from legal gun owners, seem to be ignoring what this commission has advised.

Whoda thunk it?

Drag ’em, Pradheep.


Gun-grabbers? Politicians on either side?

Yeah, not happening.



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