David Hogg has of course been tweeting nonstop doing his best to use these latest shootings to remain relevant after so many fails over the past several months. Honestly, it comes across as exploiting a tragedy for Twitter and political cred but we don’t suppose he knows how to do much else so here we are.

He asked for gun owners to reach out to him about putting safety first and canceling the NRA, and he proposed a nifty little hashtag.

Truth be told, we looked at the hashtag and sure, there are plenty of people thumping their little chests, claiming to be gun owners while calling rifles ‘assault weapons’ (which probably means they aren’t really gun owners) … but we’re not seeing how it will do much more than get mocked.

Or you know, Twitchied.

Yeah, tweet to stop gun violence. That oughta do it.

Or you know, demand Democrats stop blocking legislation to secure our schools and protect them like we protect any state or federal building.

Joe Walsh, really dude?


Sorry, he can’t be serious. David does know Joe once tweeted about taking up arms if Trump didn’t win in 2016, right? Or that he used racist slurs? Pretending he’s some sort of ally is pretty damn pathetic.

And Gabby Giffords … really?

Gun owners for safety.


Yeah, the NRA provides more gun safety training than most any other organization in the country.

You do you though, Boo.

That’s the story floating around today about Ramos. The rumor is four years ago Ramos and another minor boy threatened to shoot up a school … of course, an official is saying it was not Ramos but there’s no way of knowing since he was a minor at the time.


We’re sure the NRA is super worried about David and his little hashtag.



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