Sorry, but this behavior is just not normal and it is NOT ok.

Watch as this dad follows/chases a masked stranger around Walmart who was taking pictures of his unmasked daughter, likely to share on social media so he could complain about evil people not masking.

First, it was really wrong for him to photograph a child without asking, and second, does he really think that piece of fabric on his face will keep him alive?



Democrats, the Left, public health officials, and the media have absolutely created a new level of mental illness in Americans about COVID, vaccinations, and masking. This response from a grown man is not mentally well, at all. I hardly blame the dad for being angry and trying to catch the strange, masked man photographing his daughter.

I would be furious.

It would be SO ON.


You know this masked man (creeper) went home and told everyone how HE was the good guy and how the evil dad wasn’t masking his poor daughter and then chased him all over the store MASKLESS. He probably even said the dad was TRYING TO KILL HIM or something else melodramatic. That’s the kicker with all of this. The crazy people trying to shame complete strangers in public (going so far as to take a picture of a child, really?!) for not wearing a mask think they are the good guys, and that their behavior is somehow warranted because the people they are harassing have it coming for not doing what they’re supposed to.

Or what they’ve been told.

Somewhere along the COVID line, far too many Americans started to see their freedom as selfishness, their ability to make their own medical choices ‘wrong’, and the only way to correct this is to continue doing what this dad did, standing up for yourself when the crazies come a’ shaming. Like this masked guy at Walmart who was so worried about what someone else had (or didn’t have) on their faces he made a complete spectacle of himself.

And became Twitter famous for all the wrong reasons.

Or RIGHT reasons, depending on how you look at it.