There are a lot of things on Twitter that even as a Twitchy editor, I don’t get. Take, for example, The Church of Satan Twitter where Satanists claim they don’t worship Satan. No really, they say he doesn’t exist.

And of course, that other Twitter that shall not be named where people talk about a certain procedure young men have at birth.

Trust me, you do not want to debate either of those groups.

And while Elie Mystal is not quite as insane as the ‘there is no Satan but we worship Satan’ people who named their church after a dude they don’t believe in, he’s out there.

So I tried to engage him … you know, talk about why he thinks the Rittenhouse case is racist and that if ‘white gunman Kyle Rittenhourse walks free, it foreshadows a dark cycle’.

Take a watch:

Yeah, still don’t get it.

So I reached out …

See? I’m being helpful, not snarking, totally nice, and stuff?

Unlike my usual self, see?

It took so much effort, just so you all know.

So I responded:

And his reply?


Yeah, I really didn’t get very far here, but I kept trying because I’m stubborn like that.

Yes, he totally ignored my question about looking at things in only one way.

In his case, the ‘everything is racist’ way.

Ok, so at this point, I was pretty sure it was a lesson in futility, but I tried some humor and then a little reality.

And then he got all fussy with me.

Being who I am, I couldn’t let Elie have the last word so I did respond …

But as you likely knew before you even got this far, VIP member, it didn’t work out so hot.

There is no dialogue with someone who is so wrapped up in their own belief system that they are incapable of seeing the world around them in any other light. No matter what I said, no matter what point I brought up to negate his original argument, he was determined to make this about racism.

Yay Twitter.

Yay 2021.

Note, this is something new I’m going to try for our VIP members, writing in the first person and talking directly to you. If you are reading this, please let me know your thoughts about a more personal tone in these pieces and if this is something you’d like to continue seeing from me. Thank you! – sj

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